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Building Your MLM Business

The Biggest F Word in Building Your MLM Business!

There are many “F Words” when building a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business.

Just to name a few; there’s fear, failure, and most the popular… “fucking fuck this shit.”

Trust me, you’ll comes across these F Words too.

However, here’s the biggest F Word that will grow your MLM business.


If you’re just starting your new MLM business, it’s going to be important that you understand how to stay focused on what makes you money in MLM and what is simply “busy work.”

These are the two things that will make you money in MLM:

  1. Building relationships and enrolling business partners/customers.
  2. Teaching your business partners to also build relationships and enroll business partners/customers.

Anything that doesn’t concern these two things that make you money in MLM, please give the middle finger to it as soon as possible especially if you’re just starting your new MLM business.

You’ll see people in your own team who come across “shiny objects” and causes them to lose focus on what actually builds their MLM business.


The primary reason that people avoid these two things is because they are scared shitless.

Yep, it’s true.

You’ll find people are more focused on building a Facebook Like Page, maybe a new website, or going to Staples to buy a new binder with color-coded tabs so they keep organized and make everything pretty…but in all reality, they aren’t focused on the two things that will help them grow their MLM business because of fear.

Hey! Not that it shouldn’t be important to be organized or start a Like Page, but most people want to see a return on their investment as soon as possible when they drop $200-$500 to start their new MLM business.

You’ll also find people who will want to stay in “training mode” where they need more and more training about social media or expanding their market or how to make the best videos, instead of these two business-building activities in Multilevel Marketing.

There’s also that group of people who stay in “analyzes paralysis” and need to see how it all works out first before actually talking with people or will get stuck on “how do I respond to this?” when what they should do is just fucking respond.

Here’s a fact…

After almost four years of Multilevel Marketing, I couldn’t even afford the start up fee of $250. I had Jeep calling me to take my car away if I couldn’t make a single payment. We were struggling to keep up with our bills each week and I almost asked my parents to lend me money so that we could get caught up. How humiliating is that?

The last thing I needed was a fucking color-coded binder or to waste my time creating a Facebook Like Page.


Another fact – I actually left my previous MLM business and told myself that if I was serious about stopping the daily debt-collector phone calls from Jeep, stopping the weekly struggle of living paycheck-to-paycheck, not having a dime to my name after the bills are paid, worrying about finding another part-time job just to get ahead, and being 100% serious about not being that 30 year old asking his retired parents to loan him money, then…


I signed up (using a credit card to pay for the start up cost) and I focused on finding two business partners immediately. That’s it.

This would not be some cute hobby for me to be part of.

I started a new MLM business to make money without having to find another part-time job that allowed me to work from home, get ahead of my bills, and start to see residual income growing each week by following these two simple principles.

I stopped fucking around and I got to work.

If that resonates with you and that’s why you started a new MLM business, I would strongly recommend focusing on the two things that will build your business.

  • Find your first two as soon as possible, then find two more. Then find two more. Keep doing that until you make an annual 7-figure income. Then find two more.
  • Help your new business partners find their first two business partners as soon as possible. Then help their new business partners find two new business partners. Keep doing that until you make an annual 7-figure income. Then help two more.

By doing these two things mentioned above…

Jeep has since fucked off. We now have a backup savings of $15k set aside for emergencies only. Our wedding venue is completely paid for (which is awesome). We’re smashing money away for retirement. I spoke with my parents and told them the truth about everything. They understood and could literally see the stress lifted off my shoulders. There’s about $5k left on college loans, and then’ it’s time to do things I’ve never thought would be possible at the age of 31..

build our dream home in the middle of the mountains.

So, if you’re currently struggling in your MLM business or you’ve just recently started a new MLM business…please focus on these two business building activities. Don’t worry about having a fancy cover photo or learning how to use Instagram Ads or starting your new blog…




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