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Trey Bearor - Biggest MLM Mistakes!

The Biggest Mistakes MLM’ers Make!

Are you wondering why you’re having a difficult time recruiting people to join your MLM business or purchase your company’s product?

I get it. I made this mistakes too in my MLM business and it took me years to figure out. I was constantly wondering how these successful MLM’ers were growing huge businesses until one day it hit me!

I was making a HUGE mistake in my business and teaching my downline to make these same exact mistakes.

These are the biggest mistakes that MLM’ers make…

1. Your Social Media posts are straight spam.

There are a lot of people who want to make an extra income. They would love to work from home, work while traveling, or just have a “side-project” that can produce an extra stream of income.

But when they open up Facebook and see your generic company photo that screams, “JOIN MY TEAM!” or “ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!” they immediately scroll past it because it’s white noise.

They see your posts that you spam all over your own Facebook wall and they tell themselves that if that’s what it takes to make an extra income (spamming my friends and family members), then that’s a BIG NO THANK YOU!

What makes you think they want to join or buy?

Do you think people wake up one morning and say, “You know what…I’m looking for an MLM to join today. Holy sh*t  -Suzanne just posted about joining her team AND she left her link below to sign up right now. Let me go get my credit card!”

No! People aren’t doing that!

So please understand that if you want people to join your business or buy your product that you cannot plaster your Facebook or Instagram with spam. That’s one huge MLM mistake that network marketers are making because they aren’t trained the right way or try for the shortcut to success.

2. The Copy & Paste Technique


I almost punched a small child in the face when I saw this. This is another huge mistake that MLM’ers are making and it puts such a foul taste in people’s mouth.

Back in the day, this technique use to work where you’d insert the person’s first name and then paste a long message to see if people were interested.

This no longer works.

I mean, it’s clear that it doesn’t work because this person literally copy/pasted their upline’s “script” and then copy/pasted the more personalized script afterwards.

What in the %&$%?!

Again, people are watching you to see how you run your MLM business. If you’re spamming people about buying/joining your business on social media and you’re using the “copy/paste” technique, they’re going to say “NO THANK YOU!” because they would never want to do that to their network of friends in order to make an extra income.

Come on. Be professional. The person behind that screen is a PERSON. Talk to them that way and have a real, genuine conversation. Stop trying the shortcut to success because all you’re doing is making the MLM profession look like shit.

3. Screw the Hype!

Have you ever had people tell you that “it’s easy and takes barely any work…you can just sign up and tomorrow you’ll have people driving by your house throwing money at you!”

Again, another huge mistake MLM’ers are making.

If you’re looking to make an extra income in Multilevel Marketing (MLM), you need to understand that it does take work. It takes time and energy because essentially you’re running a home-business.

I’ve seen some successful network marketers spend 1-2 hours a day building a 7-figure income business and watched some successful network marketers spend 3-4 hours a day growing their home-business.

But it still involves putting in the work.

If someone is making these promises to you, please run away as fast as possible.

You can make an absolutely fortune in network marketing. You can make a few extra bucks to pay for groceries, car payments, rent, vacations, or even turn it into a full-time income. But the only way to do that is by following a step-by-step training system that your mentor provides..and hopefully they don’t use the “copy/paste technique!”

4. Have a Game Plan.

You should have a 30-60-90-180-365 day game plan. A huge mistake that MLM’ers are making is that they hope to join a business opportunity to make fast cash. You can make a return on investment quickly in MLM, but you’ll need a game plan.

Did you know that most network marketers will quit before their first 90 days?

That sucks.

Again, I’m assuming most people are being hyped to join and make fast cash (mentioned in previous tip) and they give up on their dreams of living the lifestyle that they want because they haven’t made $1k/month already.

When a new business partner joins me, I want to set them up with a game plan that allows them to set their own hours and see what they need to do to have a return on investment within their first 30 days and a profit.

Next, I want them thinking about what they want to achieve in their first three months and also helping them envision what goals they want to smash within the next year.

That’s long term thinking.

I prefer having business partners who join and stick to their own game plan commitment. As long as they can follow a simple, step-by-step training system and they’re coachable, they’ll have success in network marketing and not make these mistakes that most MLM’ers are making.

I’d rather have 100 quality studs than 10,000 bullshit duds.

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