The Easiest Social Media Strategy To Find Endless Leads Online
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social media strategy to online leads in network marketing

The Easiest Social Media Strategy To Find Endless Leads Online

There are a lot of “Network Marketing Gurus” out there that have the newest and best way to get good leads online for network marketing, but in my opinion, here’s the easy social media strategy you (and your team) can do to find endless leads online.

Why not keep this simple? More importantly, why not attract the perfect prospects to your business and into your life?

The best places to prospect for network marketing is using a free service called FACEBOOK. #duh

Using Facebook to find network marketing prospects

I find the best network marketing leads through two sources; Facebook Groups or Facebook Fan Pages.

I highly recommend that you join a few Facebook Groups that are tailored towards your interests (i.e. golfing, blogging, entrepreneurship, mom/dad groups, travel, etc)

Do not go into this groups and start spamming your products or network marketing opportunity!

Use Facebook Groups to connect with others who have the same interest as you, engagement with them by commenting on their posts, or add valuable blogs, short videos, Pinterest articles, etc that people would look forward to seeing.

How to find targeted MLM leads on Facebook Fan Pages?

Check out a few of the Facebook Fan Pages that you like. A few that I enjoy are Jen Sincero, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ray Higdon, and World Nate.

What you can start doing is looking for your perfect prospects who are professional, positive, and share a commonality with you. Scroll through the comments of a Facebook Fan Page post to see the type of people who are commenting on posts, click on their Facebook profile, and see if this is the type of person you’d want in your network marketing business. Once you’ve found the perfect prospect for your network marketing business, shoot them a quick invite message using this simple Facebook Prospecting Formula.

how to invite Prospects in network marketing

It’s important that you’ve checked out their Facebook profile page first before messaging your prospects to see if you have common interests and so your cold market prospect knows you aren’t just copy/pasting a generic message.

Here’s the formula for how to talk to prospects online;

First Name + Why You’re Messaging Them + Something in Common + Leading Question

For example, “Hey Bob (first name), I was just checking out Darren Hardy’s page and noticed your comment (why you’re messaging them). I absolutely agree with what you said about mindset (something in common) and decided to check out your profile page. What is it that you do exactly? (leading question)

Pretty simple (and personable) message to send someone, right?

Why does this social media marketing plan work?

For one, you have a common interest with someone which connects the both of you and your first goal is to make a friend and build a relationship.

Also, this allows you to have a conversation using the lead questions to funnel your conversation where you end up asking this prospect if they’d be open to taking a look at something that might interest them

Using leading questions has been the best way to get free leads online in my network marketing business, while expanding my market tremendously (because there’s like 2 billion people on Facebook alone), and really attracting the perfect type of prospect to my business.

After asking what do they do for work, ask them more leading questions to funnel the conversation:

  • How long have you been doing that for?
  • Wow! You must really love it then, eh?
  • Well, just curious, have you ever thought about doing something else?
  • What’s holding you back from that?

See how the questions are leading your prospect to the BEST QUESTION EVER? Once you’ve asked all of these leading questions, watch the video below to ask them the best question ever to ask your prospect.

Also, I’ve included a simple way to present your network marketing business and the best follow up scripts for prospects in the free download.


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Be sure to check out that video and download the free Facebook Prospecting Formula resource that I mention.

I hope these tips have helped you on your path to success. If it did, be sure to leave me for feedback in the comments section below.

Other Great Resources:


Cheers to your success!

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