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The Importance of Attending Live Events!

Why should you attend a live training event when you can stay at home and watch the recording later? Are they really that important and considered a “life-changing” moment?

Here are a few reasons why it’s so crucial for you, and your team, to attend the live training events that your Network Marketing company holds every year or every quarter.

“Success in Network Marketing is 10% skill and 90% belief.”

The Importance of Attending Events!

This is a funny question to ask because it’s like when you’re a D+ student and you want to be a B+ student, wouldn’t you hire a tutor to help you get to that level?


Be the example for your team.

If you’re brand new to Network Marketing and you don’t have a team yet, it’s still very important for you to attend the live training events because you want to be the example for your team to show them that before you went to the live event you didn’t have a team. Then you went to the event and now you have a small team since attending.

Show your team how much fun you’re having with everyone, collaborating with people at the live events, and hearing the success stories from people in your Network Marketing company.

It’s just like listening to music. Listening to music at home is not the same as going to the concert because of the other intangible factors such as the lighting, singing along with others, the dancing, etc.

How to get your team to the live events?

  • Ask your team, “Hey guys, we’re so thankful for everyone on this team whether you’re here to get the products at a discount or be surrounded by a great community of people. Listen, there’s a big company event in the summer and IF you’re looking to take your business to the next level, we would strongly recommend attending this live company event.”
  • If people don’t have the money, simply ask the HOW CAN WE GET YOU TO THIS EVENT? I understand money is tight for people, but get them thinking of ways to come up with some extra money so they can be at the live training event.

Skills versus Belief.

The best thing about attending live events and why they’re so important for growth is because they consist of 10% skills (learning how to use the scripts, how to expand your cold market, etc) but more importantly, they consist of 90% beliefs.

When you see some random, totally normal dude walking across stage at your live events and he shares his story about how he was $1 million dollars in debt, working 70 hours/week, stressed out of his mind, recently divorced, and filed bankruptcy to now a 7-figure income earner…your belief system while attending this live event will sky-rocket!

>>>>  “If he can do it, so can I!”  <<<<


Leveraging the Leaders at the Events!

Let’s say you hear a success story from a woman named Jane and she was a nurse prior to her Network Marketing business. Let’s also say that Jane just hit the Million Dollar Earner Club in your company and she shares her story at this live event.

This would be the perfect time to call up at your friends who are nurses and say…

“Hey _______, you’re still a nurse right? Listen, I’m at this company event right now and I just watched this nurse who was working 70 hours a week and struggling to make ends meet and now she’s a million dollar earner with our company. I have no idea if this is for you, but do you know of any other nurses who are working long hours and would be open to making an extra income if it didn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing?”

Doesn’t that make sense? Leverage your leaders!


I hope that this blog and the video above has helped you to understand the power and the importance of attending live training events in your Network Marketing business. If this has helped you, please feel free to share this with your team to help them understand the importance of attending live events!

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