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The Truths You’ll Need For Success

Here are the #truthbombs that you’ll need to hear for success.

Not everyone needs to hit rock bottom in order to become successful. Although most millionaires have been at a very low part of their life before they went big. What they needed, though, is the right mindset for prepare them for success.

The Truths You’ll Need For Success

The very first thing I ask people who want to create time, money, and freedom in their life is why. Why are they interested in changing their current circumstances or bettering their family’s life?

That’s where I’ll get a bunch of “it would be nice to have…” or “I wish I could..”

I’m not a genie that will grant you wishes after you rub my lamp and that’s not the mindset of what it takes to find success in business.

There’s a difference between:

  • “I want” versus “I need”
  • “I wish” versus “I have to”
  • “It would be cool to” versus “I’ll do whatever it takes to”

Does that makes sense so far to you guys? If you really want something badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes.

It takes a high level of desire is needed for success.

Secondly, you’re going to be faced with people’s opinion of success and I hope you’re prepared because they’re going to push you, test you, and question whether or not you’re cut out for success in business.

They’ll doubt you. They’ll talk behind your back to your friends.

So ask yourself this…

How many “fucks” are you willing to give them?

The only advice I can give you when you want to take someone else’s opinion on a matter is to ask someone who’s had success in the area of that matter.

Let’s say you want to make a 6-figure income in Network Marketing. How many of your haters have made a 6-figure income in Network Marketing or in a side business? Exactly. So, why are you seeking their opinion or advice when they’ve never done it themselves? Go to the people who have had success and ask their opinion.

Here’s a video training that I did to talk about the truths you’ll need for success. There aren’t many people who truly realize how financially broke we were, how stressed we were, and how we were able to overcome being in financial debt and live a more fun and fulfilling lifestyle today.




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“I teach you how to create wealth and freedom in your life with a “zero fucks given” mindset!”

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