5 Things To Know Before Joining A Network Marketing Business!
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5 Things To Know Before Joining A Network Marketing Business

I wish I had read a blog like these five years ago. Here are five things you need to know before you decide to join a home-based Network Marketing business.


5 Things To Know Before Joining A Network Marketing Business


First off, what is MLM or what does Network Marketing mean and how do you make money from it?


According to the Entrepreneur Blog,

“Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella.

Network marketing features a low upfront investment–usually only a few hundred dollars for the purchase of a product sample kit–and the opportunity to sell a product line directly to friend, family and other personal contacts. Most network marketing programs also ask participants to recruit other sales representatives. The recruits constitute a rep’s “downline,” and their sales generate income for those above them in the program.”


1. Consistency and Hard Work


I’m not sure if you’ve ever been approached by someone in MLM or a home-based business in Network Marketing and they told you that “it’s so easy that anyone can do it and you’ll make money with minimal effort.


That’s not true. Run from that person as fast as you can.


Although you can make money from home on a part-time basis, it’s still very important to take your new business seriously by putting in the work daily with marketing and prospecting.


Each MLM company is different with products, compensation pay plans, and company leadership trainings that you’ll want to research. However, it’s important that you learn how to effectively market yourself (instead of your product) to attract people to your business as well as learn how to actively prospect new people daily for either being a customer for your product or earning an extra income from home as a business partner with you.


When you do these two things daily (marketing + prospecting), you’ll be able to grow a successful home-based business inside of Network Marketing. The problem people have is they think of it as a “get-rich quick” scheme or treat it as a lottery ticket and that’s why most people fail.


“Network Marketing exposes your true work ethic. It will spit out the lazy or transcend the hard-working. Choose yours.” CLICK TO TWEET! 


IF you’re coachable and can follow the training system that your Mentor or MLM company offers (instead of listening to the friend who says, “I’ve tried one of those pyramid business things before and they didn’t work for me“), and you implement exactly what they teach you consistently, you can have a lot of success in this industry.


2. Personal Development is a MUST!


Take this tip from a guy who never read a book in high school (other than Goosebumps) and understand that if you want to succeed in your Network Marketing business, you must be prepared to work on yourself daily and learn from “self-help books” to help you develop as a leader in this profession.


Here’s why Personal Development is so important in Network Marketing;

  • This is a very untraditional industry where you learn a lot of necessary tools and skills needed, but also, you play a lot of mind-tricks as a business owner.
  • You weren’t taught the type of leadership skills in high school that are necessary for growing a large team in Network Marketing
  • You’ll learn terms like “posture” and “patience” to help increase sales.
  • It will ignite passion and belief, and give you ideas rather than a step-by-step action plan.


“The only journey is the journey within.” – Maria Rilke CLICK TO TWEET!


Personal Development is the key for sorting through who will be your next rising leader or who will be your next inactive quitter. If you’re willing to progress yourself daily, you will have the mindset of JayZ and a business that pays like his as well.


3. “So Will, Some Won’t. So What? Who’s Next?”


In Network Marketing, too many distributors get hung up on whether or not people will buy from you, join you, or stick with you and grow with you.


A few things to consider when asking what network marketing company should i join;


You need to know that some people don’t like MLM or Network Marketing because they had a bad experience in the past from a distributor or they heard it was another MLM scam from some random dude on a YouTube video. Don’t try to convince them to join our try to debate why they’re wrong. Move on. Some will, won’t won’t…so what. Who’s next?


You need to know that some people who join you don’t want to actually fire their boss to work from home or make an extra six-figure income a year or get on stage and speak at the annual company conventions. Some will, some won’t..so what. 


Also, you need to know that IF they say they want huge success but their actions don’t show that they do (refer to Tip #1 above about hard work and consistency), then you can’t put that stress on yourself and want it more than they want it for themselves. Some of you are reading this right now, nodding your head in agreement, but understand that you’ll have people leave your team that you thought for sure they would crush the business. You just have to keep going without them. Again…some will, some won’t. So what, who’s next?


“The best thing you can do for your team is build a new one!” CLICK TO TWEET!


If you want to motivate people on your team, just start recruiting new teammates who are willing to put in the work. They will see their leader taking action and they’ll step up to the game as well.


4. Brand Yourself, not your Company.


I wish that I had truly understood this concept early on but when you’re a new distributor in Network Marketing, you’re all excited about your new business that you want to share it with everyone and plaster your link all over social media so people see the “doors open” sign lit up.


When it comes to branding yourself and using attraction marketing to build your MLM business, you need give people a reason to follow you. People don’t follow billboards, they drive right past them (and they scroll right past them in the newsfeed).


So instead, it’s important to attract people to you by giving them valuable information that solves a problem in their life like making mini videos to show “workout of the day” to help them lose belly fat or a quick makeup tutorial to enhance your cheek bone.


Do you see how you’re not saying which company you’re in but instead you’re giving fitness tips or beauty tips? That’s how you brand yourself through Attraction Marketing.


For more tips on how to brand yourself, enroll in my Branding Like A Badass! Workshop completely free.


5. Patience, Patience, Patience.


Yes, it’s great to hustle and grow your Network Marketing business will urgency. But man, you gotta slow down and have some patience as well.


I hear it all the time, and I was guilty of this as well, that distributors get down on themselves because they “started their business the same time as Tina did but aren’t growing as fast as Tina is.” They go into compare-mode, questioning themselves as to whether they’re cut out for this type of business, and start adding that stress to their team as well.


If you’re doing all of the tips mentioned above (working hard daily, growing your mindset through personal development daily, removing all emotion from whether people join your or quit on you, and you brand yourself and why you do what you do), you just need to have patience enough to know it will work out because your vision says it will.


I hope these five tips and the video above has helped you in your consideration to join one of the new mlm companies in 2018 and start living a life of abundance in wealth and happiness.


Cheers to your success!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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