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trey bearor time management tips for network marketers

Time Management Tips for Network Marketers!

I’m assuming you have very limited time to work your network Marketing business and you’re wondering how you can manage your time with such a busy schedule.

Trust me, I hear you. Before going full-time in network marketing, I was working a full-time job while on 24/7 on-call for emergency, as well as a part-time basketball coaching that took up 2 hours a day…while trying to work my network marketing business.

Here are some time management tips for network marketers.

Time Management Tips for Network Marketers!


In network marketing, there are five key income-producing activities (IPA’s) that will help you grow your business. Everything else is considered “busy work.” You’ll need to set time aside each day to make sure these five things are completed every day.

1. Prospecting.

It’s important for network marketers to be prospecting or adding new people to to your list every day. This could be your co-workers, neighborhood friends, people you meet on social media, or the waitress you met at your dinner date last night. This is how you never run out of people to talk to.

2. Inviting or booking appointments.

It takes roughly 30 seconds to a minute to get people on the phone and ask them to take a look at your presentation. I use to take one hour during my lunch break and get on the phone with potential prospects.

I would say something like, “Hey Jeff, I’m extremely busy and I’m going into a conference meeting right now. But listen, I’m starting something big that will help bring in an extra cash flow and you’re the first person I thought of. I don’t have time to go over the details right now, but what do you have going on at 8pm tonight?

If Jeff asks for details or says, “it depends on what it is…” then just let Jeff know you’re running late to the conference meeting but you promise to show him a quick video tonight at 8pm that will explain everything.

Then get off the phone.

3. Presenting the business.

It’s important that you are not the one presenting the business to people. This is why you send a video that explains the business opportunity, again, because you have limited time but also because this will show Jeff that all he needs to do to be successful in this business is show a video to his prospects as well. #duplication

Send the video at the time you said you’d show Jeff the video and after he’s watched the video, ask what he liked best about what he saw.

4. Follow Ups

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “the fortune is in the follow up.” This couldn’t be more true. Most people forget all about following up with prospects and they lose business partners. Make sure that you’re setting a time in your schedule to follow up with people who’ve watched the video presentation. If they ignore you, move on. Take the offer off the table and give it to someone who sees the opportunity to make an extra income.

5. Training & Personal Development

You must schedule time in your calendar to be learning personal development or some kind of network marketing training. Typically, I would listen to audiobooks while traveling to and back from work. That was a 30 minute commute which meant I made it a habit to have 1 hour a day of learning and mindset training daily.

Do these five things every day (even when you have limited time) and watch your network marketing business grow.

When you find extra time, you can work on  the “busy work” such as social media posts or blogging.

A few recommendations for those who have a busy schedule and want tips for time management, I would recommend a few things to make sure you get work done in those pockets of time.

  • Turn off all distractions like Facebook notifications, text messages, etc.
  • Put a hat on the door that means “Mommy is in work mode”
  • Have a chat with your family so everyone understands that during such and such time, Daddy is working to provide a better future for the family so do not interrupt during this time.

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