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Top 5 Web Services for the Entrepreneur

Top 5 Web Services for the Badass Entrepreneur!

There are a lot of great services to help you grow your business as an Entrepreneur. I use these resources to create website graphics, maintain my schedule every day, keep to-do lists on my phone and laptop, and so on.

Here are the Top 5 web services that I strongly recommend for all badass entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Web Services for the Badass Entrepreneur!



Calendly -

This web service allows you to stay organized with your calendar each week and automatically connects with services likes Google Calendar on your phone. You’ll be alerted when you have an appointment coming up and this is a great web service for the badass entrepreneur because you can send a link to your team that allows them to schedule meetings during your available time slots.



PicMonkey -

I love this web service for creating graphics! I never went to school for graphic designs and I don’t have the time to learn how to use programs like Photoshop  or Adobe. However, the badass entrepreneur can use this web service and create some great designs for social media, a blog, eCards, or basically anything.



WordPress -

Honestly, guys…I know nothing about blogging. I learned HTML and created websites when I was 12 years old. However, the entrepreneurial badass doesn’t have time to learn how to design flashy websites and understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress is a great web services for the badass entrepreneur because of the thousands of themes you can use to create a gorgeous website and the features that come with it.

I strongly recommend the “Business Plan” for the badass entrepreneur because of the plugins alone.



Wunderlist -

As a badass entrepreneur, it’s extremely important to not only have daily/weekly to-do lists but also conquer your to-do list every day of the week. This web service connects with your mobile device and reminds you of when things are due for the week and what you need to accomplish for the day.

(And nothing feels better than hearing the “ding” when you smash an item of your to-do list for the day.)




This is a must-have web service for the badass entrepreneur. This isn’t a chance for you to listen to 50 Shades of Grey. This is the best way for you to have Personal and Business development flowing through your membrane while you’re driving, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, and so on.

Ask any legit badass entrepreneur how they became so successful in business and they’ll show you a library of books or audiobooks. Highly recommend becoming a member!





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