Top Income Earners Trip to Aruba 2017 –
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Top Income Earners Trip to Aruba 2017

The Top Income Earners Trip to Aruba was insane.

One of my favorite trips in the past four years of being an entrepreneur was the Top Income Earners Trip that we won to go to Aruba. This was an all-inclusive vacation for a week where we went skydiving, flyboarding, boating, ATVing around the island, and of course…having some draaanks to celebrate at this beautiful mansion near the ocean!


The first two days was a party.

We had this epic pool with a “swim-up” bar to grab some cold drinks and the view was insane. The only thing that sucked about being outside was there were these random bugs that would bite the shit out of my legs every morning when I was trying to do work on the front patio.

The third day we had a training with Ray Higdon.

Ray Higdon is the #1 MLM and Network Marketing trainer in the industry. I was blown away from everything he taught us and couldn’t wait to get home to share this with my team and implement everything he mentioned.

I also scored this epic interview with Ray Higdon the morning after.

The fourth and fifth day we relaxed.

Bullshit. I didn’t relax. I went to the nearing flyboarding place on the island of Aruba and brought some friends with me. You can check out the video above to see what flyboarding is but you’re basically hovering over the water on a “skateboard” of jets and you can do cool things like dolphin dives, 360s, backflips, or just enjoy feeling like Ironman.


I guess I could also share the actual footage of the skydiving event as well.

I will admit it. I was scared shitless.

We went to Skydive Aruba and they were awesome at explaining everything and helping you feel safe. But as soon as the door opened to the plane, I was very scared.

I watched my friend go first. She smiled into the camera and then she was GONE.

Here’s the actual video from skydiving in Aruba.

I think the absolute best part of the trip to Aruba was getting to kick it with all of the other Top Income Earners in our company. Not only are they out-going and like to have fun, but we all shared our top tips for growing our businesses.

Some of the things I learned from them would cost me up to $50,000 to learn at a live training event. These were all golden nuggets.

The experience from going to Aruba and these people. – unforgettable.


Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition. They will help you realize your own.

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