6 Traits To Become A Top Leader in Network Marketing
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leader in network marketing

6 Traits To Become A Top Leader in Network Marketing

If you’re a top leader in Network Marketing or looking to grow a massive team and business, you’ll need apply these SIX quality traits of leadership.


Here’s the good news about establishing qualities of a good MLM leader…you can decide TODAY that you’re going to apply these habits daily into your business. It doesn’t take a high IQ level or some super-human strength to be a leader in this industry. It just takes discipline and consistency of your daily action plan.


However, if you can apply these six traits into your daily method of operations, you’ll be an unstoppable leader with a passion to wake up every morning and train your downline for the same network marketing success.



6 Traits To Become A Top Leader in Network Marketing


1. Leaders create leaders, not followers.


I believe the best way to create leaders is putting THEM in the spotlight and giving them all the recognition, instead of yourself.


A couple simple ways to do this; obviously giving them a shoutout on social media or in your Team FB Group, having them run a team training call, or basically getting them to do exactly what you do every day in your network marketing business.


2. Top MLM Leaders don’t treat business like a hobby.


Leaders treat their business like a business, not a hobby. I thank my lucky stars every morning that I’m able to run a thriving business from my cell phone and can leave a massive impact on others from all over the world, and it only cost me $500 to start my Network Marketing business.


However, most people will treat their $500 business like it’s only a $500 investment. I guarantee if people invested $500,000 to start their Network Marketing business, they’d show up a little differently. Daily.


I guarantee if people invested $500,000 to start their Network Marketing business, they'd show up a little differently. Daily. Click To Tweet


3. Leaders lead by example.


If you’re looking to motivate your downline team and inspire them to take action, you need to be the example that leads the way. Leadership isn’t about giving your team some fancy Braveheart speech to get them pumped up. It’s about them seeing you in action.


When they see you sending out the invites, following up with people, adding value on social media daily, and sponsoring new teammates and being a customer recruiting machine…they’ll jump on the train with you. Well, at least the leaders will…wink wink.


4. All leaders know this…


Every single leader know these three things; not everyone is up for the task, they don’t beat themselves up when others quit on their dreams, and they understand there’s no such thing as failure in Network Marketing…just quitters.


Becoming a top leader in network marketing takes work. It’s simple to do, but it’s even simpler not to do. We don’t have someone checking up on us each week and making sure we’re putting in the work. Also, leaders work on themselves daily, constantly learning, and constantly implementing what they’ve learned. Some people get spooked by their first rejection. Leaders continue regardless of rejection because they ARE up for the task.


Secondly, the best way to grow your leadership is by looking at failures as growth, not setbacks. If something they try doesn’t work, they give another attempt and tweak instead of just giving up. They just keep going and keep showing up despite seeing others quit on their own dreams.


5. All things leaders avoid…


Every single top leader in multi-level marketing (MLM) avoid these two things; asking for favors and taking things personally.


I can’t think of a leader that I’ve personally worked with who wasn’t coachable, but also didn’t ask for favors like, “can you like/comment on my post?” or “can you critique my blog when you get a second?”


Nope. All successful MLM leaders will learn how to create more organic engagement on their posts if they need more like/comments. Top Network Marketing leaders will figure out how to make their blog better…they might even invest in trainings or watch YouTube videos to figure it out…but they won’t ask for favors and they won’t take things personally.


6. All leaders are readers.


Some major qualities of a good MLM leader is that they read daily.


I’m not sure if I really need to go into detail here, but we’re constantly learning and reading everything we can get our hands on to help us push ourselves to the next level. I didn’t go to college for Network Marketing, but since this is now my profession…I best make it a priority to treat it like one.




These are the six major contributing factors and quality traits of leadership in Network Marketing. You don’t need to be a whiz, just be consistent. It takes a lot of discipline and follow through, but it will be worth it when you apply these six traits to your MLM business.


The good news is you can decide TODAY that you’re going to take this profession seriously and you’re going to be the next top leader from here on out.







I hope this blog on “6 Traits To Become A Top Leader in Network Marketing” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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