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Why is MLM a “Scam”?

Just some food for thought this evening…🤔
I’m gettin’ that vitamin D fix this afternoon and was reflecting back on a few things.
I never really loved school that much. I was a solid C+ student who was pretty much in it purely for sports, irritating faculty, and Taco Day.

By the time I was 18 years old and graduated high school, I had spent 12,000 hours in that building.

You probably did, too.

12,000 hours.

Still, I was an easy sell on the idea of college… which meant more sports, teachers who were less likely to tell your parents when you were an asshole, and my understanding was that Taco day was pretty consistent as well. Sold.

The diploma that took most of my friends 4 years to get took me a solid 6.

$40,000 and another 3,200 hours later, I had done it.

What’s weird though….after graduating, I realized that I was never really promised a job after all of those hours, all that money, and all that effort.

Even if I’d been less focused on sports and tacos… the whole thing was a huge gamble.

And I’m not knocking education. That shit is important, and I had a great time.

But, how come people feel that “MLM is a scam“?

It’s a different business model, that’s for sure. But why are people so closed-minded to that idea and so hell-bent on rolling the dice with college?

If people are tired of being broke, barely living paycheck to paycheck, they want to travel more, have time to spend with their friends and family more, not be tied down to a schedule, create more wealth, happiness, and freedom in their life….why don’t they look closer at what MLM offers?

That’s one thing I can look back on and be psyched about- I was open to it.

You invest a few hundred dollars, maybe a thousand, depending on the business you want to start up. You’re able to make an income pretty much immediately if you want. And the hours spent to learn and specialize (kind of like declaring a major) in an MLM business ….could you imagine how insane your income and lifestyle would be if you threw down 4 years towards your business?

I can. Holy good christ.

Just curious….why are people so open to the idea of spending 1/3 of their LIFE preparing to specialize in a certain discipline, being at least $40k in debt, and never promised a job in their field of study to earn an entry-level wage to pay it all back, yet they are skeptical of a $250 start up that could potentially change EVERYTHING in their life?


(P.S. Taco Day is still celebrated heavily in this household. 🤘🏻)




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