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Why Network Marketing Doesn’t Give a F#CK!

Are you a “big dreamer” of success?

Of course you are.

You’re probably someone who daydreams of one day building your dream house, owning a luxury, black-on-black vehicle with all the fancy bells and whistles, a yacht that you take your friends out on for some mid-day cocktails, and a handful of “f#ck you money” to spend on whatever you want?

Man, some day… #dreambig right?

Well, here’s why Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck about your goals.

We now live in an era where people feel entitled to things and where it’s trendy to be an “entrepreneur“.

You might see people talking about things like, “hustle” or “grind all day” or “#girlboss” and the truth is, those are people who simply talk a lot of game but aren’t able to back it up with any results.

[Hmmm…I wonder how many people I just offended.]

Let me explain…

Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck about what you say you’re going to do, it only gives a f#ck about what you actually do.

Everything you want to know about yourself (patience, work ethic, daily routine, leadership)… Network Marketing will show your true colors to not only yourself, but to all of your family and friends and basically the entire world.

  • If you’re worried about what people think, Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck.
  • If you lack discipline or motivation, Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck.
  • If prospects are telling you “no”, Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck.
  • If you only work your business when it’s convenient, Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck.
  • If your Upline Sponsor lives on the other side of the country, Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck.

Do you get what I’m trying to tell you?

Network Marketing simply does not give a f#ck.

If you want the “bling bling” and the lifestyle that you deserve, you have to put in the work every single day.

Not just talking about the “hustle“, but actually hustling.

You are no longer entitled to win. This isn’t a profession where everyone gets a trophy for participation because Little Johnny’s mother was upset that he didn’t get a ribbon for coming in fourth place in the 50 yard dash. Wanna know why?

Because Network Marketing doesn’t give a f#ck.

That’s the truth. Here’s some more truth…

Network Marketing isn’t sexy. It’s way too glorified from all these “#mombosses” who think it’s cute to put on their diva ring light, with their cute little leggings, next to their white marble desk, taking pictures with a laptop in one hand and the phone in the other and calling it hustle.

“OMGGGGG – I just love hustle!”

No, stop.

What it takes to be successful in the Network Marketing industry is prospecting all day long. Phone call after phone call. Text message after text message. Having conversations on Facebook/Instagram, and responding back to emails all day long, or with whatever time that you do have.

It takes sacrificing your time when you were going out with your buddies for Happy Hour every week, but instead you’re on the phone helping your new distributors sign up new business partners and showing them how to enroll new customers.

It takes investing your money into learning new skills like Social Media Marketing, Blogging, and attending live events like Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, or whatever events your company offers.

Some days, you might not even shower or brush your teeth!

Sure, you might be in a cute pair of leggings…but you’ve been wearing them since your workout that was 7 hours ago, you still haven’t showered, the ONLY reason you’re wearing sunglasses is because you haven’t put yourself together for the day…and jeeesus, it’s already 4:00PM.

That’s the true hustle in Network Marketing.

Lastly…I’m not saying that you can’t dream big of a lavish lifestyle, make money from your laptop while traveling, or enjoy the time and freedom that Network Marketing offers. You absolutely can.


  • You better be willing to put in the work, day in and day out.
  • You better be willing to hear objections and people telling you “no”.
  • You better be willing to not give two sh#ts about what others think.
  • And you better be willing to drop every excuse in the book in order to overcome your current circumstances so that you and your family can live the life that you’re dreaming about.


And if you’re not willing to do just that…then honestly, you just don’t give a f#ck.

…and neither does Network Marketing!

If this blog has give you value, please feel free to comment below and share it with your team. I wish every one of you success in Network Marketing, and to do that, we must be ready to get our hands dirty.

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard and success on purpose.”

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“I teach you how to create wealth and freedom in your life with a “zero fucks given” mindset!”

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