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Who’s Trey Bearor?

I’m a bearded dude from Northern NY, and that’s my fiancé in the background of the video above.

We both decided to leave our 9-5 jobs to grow an online side hustle, and either work from home or while we enjoyed travels.

Five years ago, I worked in social work helping at-risk youth and their families while Kalie was a full-time bartender/waitress. We were doing okay, just enough to get by basically, but we weren’t excited to go to work.

I mean… it’s work. Who gets excited for work?

However, what we wanted was a lifestyle of  fun + excitement + complete freedom where one day you could work from home in cozy sweatpants while enjoying a hot cup of coffee..and the next day, you’re working your online business and taking road trips with your dog or going on luxurious travels around the world.

Instead, we were both taking extra jobs to get ahead of bills and laying wide awake at night thinking about all of our declined transactions coming and all of the late payments that we were behind on.

One evening, I was researching different ways on YouTube of how to make extra money from home and I found this guy who talking about how he wasn’t being able to ever see his kids because he worked nights, how his family was in such crazy debt, and how he was involved with drugs and depression…it was a crazy story, seriously.

He went on talking about how we found a way to make money online and was able to turn his life around. Completely paid off debt. Enjoyed working from home, seeing his kids in the morning and every day after school.

And that’s exactly what we wanted!!

So, to be honest, I didn’t reach out to the guy because I wanted to make sure he was a legit businessman first. I watched him for a few months and started seeing more of what he was about, his family, and decided to reach out to him online.

When I called him, he said he was out with some colleagues but that he would show me a quick video that best explains what he did, and if it was something I was interested in, we could chat and see if it was a right fit for me.

After watching the video, I was sold.

Yup. I started seeing how this was going to be the vehicle that completely changed our lives and would allow us to have the lifestyle that we wanted.

I didn’t stop thinking about it for hours.

As soon as we got home from working all day, I looked at Kalie and she said, “Here’s the last of the emergency card left. Sign up and make this work.

And so we got to work.

Now…fast forward…it’s been a long five years. That’s right, I said it’s been five years of consistent, hard work where we learned a lot of cool things for building a business online through social media.

Today, Kalie and I wake up each morning to a business where we can enjoy that cup of coffee every morning and not be rushed out the door to get to work. We now spend quality time together working from home and taking road-trips with our Boxer dog, Quinn.

If you watched the video above, you’ll see we went to Europe for two weeks for Kalie’s birthday where we found out the gender of our baby. We named him Jaxon Carter Bearor.

We still continue to build our online hustle and we help mentor and coach people to do the same. I prefer to work with those who are self-driven + ambitious + looking for someone to show them how it’s done too.

If not, you can watch me on social media and find me on my blog ( and stalk me like I did with my mentor. 😉





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