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trey bearor


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“Over the years I’ve been approached by dozens of people who’ve wanted to share info with me on network marketing in one way or another. I always thought it was crap. But I came to a point in my life when I needed a side income, FAST, and weirdly enough I came across Trey’s website. He was SO not your typical “direct sales guy,” and the company he was with was super intriguing, so I signed up based purely on faith and a gut feeling. Best. Decision. Ever. Trey is an awesome mentor, and the team training he’s created is amazing. I was a total non-believing noob and now I’m paying most of my home expenses with my side gig. I owe it to Trey!” -Ashley S.

“Trey is a servant leader. He wants to see you succeed as well as your team as well. He tells you exactly what you need to know to be successful and doesn’t sugar-coat any of it. If you’re serious about creating a lifestyle of freedom, Trey is your mentor.” – Amber K.

“Trey shares with you exactly what’s working now in our industry. It’s duplicatable and profitable for everyone IF you follow the training system that he provides. When I found Trey, I was struggling in my Network Marketing business for the last three years. I decided to join him where he plugged me into a step by step training and his team culture, and I was able to make an extra $1,200 in my first week.” – Maggie E.

“I first found Trey through his Facebook Live videos. He is a very to-the-point type of guy and doesn’t bullsh*t you when you’re looking for results. The culture of his team is filled with WINNERS and the best leaders in the profession. Thank you Trey for everything you’ve done to help me create a lifestyle that my family deserves. #RELENTLESS” – Lara S.

“I just want to say thank you for doing you and doing what you do for everyone. I am new to this direct marketing business and I started listening to your FB lives, signed up with you, did your training, and you have helped me out more than anyone. So powerful in what you do…” – Kat M.

“I wanted to say thank you for all that you do! I just started watching your videos and I already feel more empowered to build my business and take it to the next level!” – Kayla N.


  • I LOVE helping others succeed! Nothing is more fulfilling. I want to be clear. I am NOT here to work with just anyone that is willing to PAY and SIGN UP. It has to be a fit for both of us. I hope you have watched a few of my Facebook Lives to see if my style resonates with YOU.
  • Are you familiar with the Network Marketing profession? There is plenty of FREE CONTENT I provide if you are new. I would start there first.
  • Although this may be part time do you take this business seriously?
  • This profession will give you a gut-check about your work ethic. If you’re lazy and procrastinate, you’ll be paid that way. If you’re ambitious, fearless, and self-motivated… I’ll teach you to turn your annual income into your monthly income.






This is only for the FULLY committed.






Trey Bearor


PS: If the timing is bad for you right now, I do plenty of free Facebook Lives that will help you in the meantime. 








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